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..... and the story begin...


It was years ago, Sonny Pangestu who is now enjoying his retirement, was a young geologist who fills up his daily activities with research in potential mineral in some area in Indonesia. An old trumpet has become his friend in his journey and exploration. Full day in the field, and blowing his trumpet to kill the night which he was spent in the middle of nowhere.


In early 2013 most of his time was spent from behind his desk in his office as one of senior expert in his field.  As he was no longer involved in exploration journeys to non inhabitant area, he missed his freedom and adventure so much, which nowadays reflected in his trombone tune.


He is one of the founding father of the HajarBleh Big Band.


Each member in HajarBleh Big Band has varieties of education background, daily works and even different skill and knowledge in music, starting from the scale of novice to advance. Only one they have in common: MUSICAL PASSION and the needs to express themselves. Doctors, Radio Announcers, Technicians, Business Executives, and Art Teacher are some of the profession of those who join the HajarBleh Big Band. Each individual has their own task in the Big Band, base on music instrument they played.


“Playing music is not intended to show off your ability, but it’s actually to express yourselves. Never fear mistakes, keep on trying, and keep on practicing!” Quoted from our Music Technical Teacher and Music Arranger, Roberto Joko, who is also holding a bachelor degree in Computer Engineering.

The quotes is one of the energy who keeps the band going from nothing, until now they barely missed playing in Jazz Festivals in Jakarta.


The spirit of don’t think too much, just do it has translated to one of Indonesian slang word HajarBleh, which has been use as the name of the band, and also as the reminder of the true spirit of HajarBleh Big Band, which also realize no matter your background is, no matter of your social status is, Jazz is For Everyone…

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